Community is at the heart of Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity. It is an innovative educational concept that is delivering real educational impact, opportunities and optimism for the future. The Charity’s activities and input extends far beyond the boundaries of the farm, offering help and support to the local community as well as those lucky enough to experience the work programme.  However, we couldn’t do what we’re doing without vital, additional, financial support..So whether you contribute a one off donation, run an event or you’re a business interested in becoming a financial sponsor, we’d love to hear from you!


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Development Day at Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity at Butcombe Farm

We organised a development day for some of our participants at Butcombe Farm. The activity days are designed to be in a safe, calming environment where you can be out in the fresh air, at one with nature.  As the day progressed we witnessed new skills being learnt, friendships being forged, shyness turning into confidence and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

We invited other local partners to join us to enable more participants to benefit from this uplifting experience.  We agreed the itinerary before the day so we could brief the participants on the activities and the tour that were being arranged for us.

We all met at the welcoming cottage and had warm drinks whilst we got to know everyone.

We were all taken on a tour of the farm to help with our bearings and learnt about all of the activities that take place there. There is a chilli farm charity that cultivates and sells chillies and other produce to restaurants, they also turn the produce into jams, pickles and chutneys with volunteers overseeing the processes. We also got to meet the small animals that roam free, such as llamas, horses, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and geese.

After the tour we split into two groups and embarked on our journeys of development. Whilst one group took part in a horse management session the other group took part in a bee keeping experience.

The horse management experience consisted of learning how to groom, feed and walk the horses as well as tacking them up ready for a trot around the arena. The participants fully embraced this activity. They found it relaxing, yet taken out of their comfort zone to tackle tasks they had never done before, trusting people who they had never met before. They found the horses to be so approachable and they enjoyed the grooming experience as much as the horses did.

Matt and Rueben really bonded and worked together well, they found the experience so interesting and calming.  Luke learnt how to pick the mud from the horses hooves.

We all met up for lunch, Ben and Fred enjoyed some peace and quiet, eating their lunch amongst the chickens, and in the afternoon we swapped the groups.  The bee keeping experience was in two parts, one was getting dressed into a beekeepers outfit, going to the bee hives and learning all about the process of producing wax and honey.

The second part was making things from the wax, such as candles, soaps and lip balm.

The whole day was enjoyed by everyone and most of our participants are keen to return, maybe as volunteers.


If you are a company looking to partner with us then please contact us for more details info@chillicharity.org.uk